We Get Results For Our Clients

Verdicts & Settlements

We get results for our clients.  The following verdicts and settlements are some samples of cases in which we have been involved and shows the variety of work we do and the types of results we have achieved.

In each case, we actually collected the amounts stated—there are no phantom settlements against uninsured defendants (some law firms may advertise case results that the client never received).

Some of these other cases also may have involved other attorneys from prior firms or different law firms jointly working on a case and such listings are not meant to imply that all the cases were handled by Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC nor intended to guarantee similar results, each case having its own merits.

Semi-Truck Trailer/Car Crash: $2.3 million verdict

A propane gas tanker truck was going through a wet curve too fast in northern Michigan and lost control of the trailer. It crossed the centerline hitting a retired couple coming the other way. The crash caused severe pelvic, leg and foot injuries as well as nerve damage. The semi driver claimed a “phantom” car had crossed the centerline causing him to take evasive action and lose control of the trailer.

We were able to prove there was no “phantom vehicle” and that the semi driver violated many basic safety rules causing the crash. The jury verdict was for pain and suffering only, and stands as the largest injury verdict in northwest Michigan ever.


$1.3 million Upper Peninsula runaway trailer causes significant injury

Unsafe equipment and unsafe hitching/securing of load, causing trailer to crash into work truck and significant injuries to the driver.


$1,200,000 : Semi-truck driver suffers severe wrist injury arbitration/verdict and appeal

A long-haul driver swerved to avoid a hit-and-run driver, and despite heroically avoiding killing the hit-and-run driver, suffered a severe wrist injury when his rig jack-knifed.

$1,125,000 settlement : Bicyclist killed by teen-ager on dark highway

A teenager who had smoked pot ran into the client, who was riding his bicycle on a dark highway.

Multiple Policy-Limit Cases

In many cases there are limited insurance proceeds available and uncollectible Defendants beyond what insurance is available.

At times, the injured client is able to claim uninsured or underinsured benefits through his or her own insurance policy to obtain more insurance money given the magnitude of the harms caused by the accident.

$450,000 settlement : Malfunctioning Electric Door

An 80 year old man entering a grocery store was pinned by a malfunctioning electric door. Septic Tank Handle Trips Woman.

$425,000 settlement

A slight hazard caused a woman to fall and suffer serious knee injury at a local business.

$2.25 million settlement : Construction equipment

Serious injuries to young man involving construction equipment.

$1,500,000 Settlement : Driver pulled out in front of motorcycle causing crash

Severe foot and ankle injury.

$725,000 Settlement: Commercial Lawn Care Truck turned left in front of motorcycle causing severe wrist injuries

$3.4 million verdict : Defective personal watercraft

The front hood of a Polaris personal watercraft flew off—striking the client in the face—causing fractures and a closed head injury.

$1 million resolution on eve of trial : Farm accident

Case involved head injuries to woman due to lighting issues and reckless operation of another vehicle.

$300,000 : Motorcycle Crash

A rear-end collision involving a motorcycle with a diagnosis of a mild head injury.

$2,750,000 settlement for sexual harassment of a secretary by her boss

The secretary has significant emotional injuries but did not miss work.

$475,000 settlement : Sexual Harassment of Corrections Officers

State officials are not immune from liability for co-workers making crude remarks and harassing women, once the State supervisors find it is occurring.

$1.5 million settlement : Toxic Leak in Workplace

A worker was exposed to the toxic chemical benzene when piping in the workplace leaked.

Confidential Settlement : Mold cases

Workers in an office building developed allergic reactions over time due to toxic mold.

$425,000 settlement : Painter on Jobsite Falls

A painter doing the finishing exterior coat fell from his ladder.

Product Liability Cases

Defective equipment: Confidential settlements

Confidential settlements caused by defective equipment, leading to a wide variety of damages among several plaintiffs.

$3.4 million verdict : Defective personal watercraft

The front hood of a Polaris personal watercraft flew off—striking the client in the face—causing fractures and a closed head injury.

$2 million resolution : McCollum v. Bahl

Multiple attorneys from different firms were involved in a case involving the wrongful conviction of a man charged with murdering a community college professor.

$1,000,000 verdict/settlement : Sexual Assault on Children in Daycare

We proved that the Daycare and State failed to screen caregivers.

$600,000 verdict ($1,000,000 settlement) : Sheriff Interferes with Cold Water Drowning Rescue

A young man was pushed, or jumped off a bridge in Manistee, after drinking. We proved the Sheriff had a “turf war” with local divers, and threatened them not to rescue drowning victims.

$14.1 million - Four killed in house explosion

Wrongful death of mother, father, and two young children due to leaking propane gas in home on hog farm. Multiple experts presented cause and origin, and scientific testimony.

Defendants claimed causation could not be established. Loss of society and companionship damages awarded to each of the survivors in the four estates.


Blake and Tom have separately and jointly handled many cases involving burn injuries, including those involving propane, scalding water, and from car crashes. Some of the cases have been resolved for hundreds of thousands of dollars and some in the millions.

Aircraft Accidents

For more information, see the biographies of Blake and Tom regarding their experience in product liability cases, aircraft crash cases, and general negligence cases.

$825,000 partial settlement : Property Insurance Denied

The insurance company refused to pay the property damage bill.

$475,000 settlement : Contractor Builds Foundation Below Water Table

The foundation of a new home had a permanent water leak.