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Ringsmuth Wuori is dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives following injuries or other traumatic events.  No matter what you’ve been through, we can help.

At Ringsmuth Wuori, we handle all kinds of personal injury lawsuit.  We have decades of experience handling almost every type of case involving car accidents, workplace injuries, negligence, or wrongful death. 

We have won justice for victims in many personal injury cases around the country, including car crashes, brain injuries, dangerous workplaces, sexual harassment, whistleblower claims and wrongful deaths. Our experience shines through when we’re fighting on your behalf against insurance companies. 

We believe in our clients. We believe in the claims we bring on their behalf. We investigate what happened and why, and help you understand what can be done legally to right a wrong. 

Automobile Crashes

Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC is dedicated to helping seriously injured people rebuild their lives and rehabilitate families. Collectively, we have decades of experience handling almost every type of injury or death case. If you have been involved in an automobile crash, contact us today.

ORV Crashes

While ORVs can reduce stress and anxiety, they can also be dangerous. If you’ve been injured in an crash involving a boat or off-road vehicle, contact our firm today.

Brain Injuries

Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC handles many types of cases that involve a brain injury, also called a closed-head injury or a traumatic brain injury. Click here to learn more.

Burn Injuries

The lawyers at Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC have knowledge and experience with burn injuries resulting from many types of crashes.

Civil Rights & Police Misconduct

We accept these cases as a challenge to our liberty to be free from bad government. The key to all civil rights cases is pre-filing investigation, if time permits. Each civil rights case is an important exercise of citizenship. We, and our clients, act as the conscience of the community.

Premises Liability

Premises liability claims can include statutory claims (arising out of your rights as a tenant, for example) and also involve claims of simple negligence.

Toxic Exposure & Mold Issues

“Toxic tort” is a phrase referring to sickness, illness, and disease caused by the presence of chemicals, compounds and substances that can cause a person to become ill.

Trucking Crashes

You will likely need an attorney with expertise. Our skills and knowledge will navigate you through the various issues and protect your rights before you are damaged further.

Workplace Injury

Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC has handled many types of employment matters, including whistleblower claims under Michigan law.

Wrongful Death

In Michigan, if a person is killed because of the negligence of another person or company, a legal claim can be made for certain damages.