Personal Injury Trial Attorneys in Traverse City, Michigan

Legal Pricing, Fees & Costs

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When you experience a personal injury, you may not be able to pay costs in advance. At Ringsmith Wuori, we have the resources to advance the money needed to cover the costs for investigating and evaluating your legal case.

The usual expenses on a personal injury case include the costs of obtaining medical records, sworn statements from witnesses and doctors, investigation, and experts, if appropriate. We pay these costs up front so you can focus on recovering.

Contingency Fees For Clients

In a personal injury law firm, a contingency fee agreement means we do not charge you a legal fee unless you receive a financial settlement or verdict. In other words, we do not get a fee unless you receive compensation for your claim. The amount of the contingency fee is normally governed by the ethics rules governing attorneys. Commonly, the fee is 1/3, after costs of the case are deducted. (We may offer hourly rates by agreement).

Referral Fees For Attorneys

Under Michigan’s Rules of Professional Conduct, we pay referral fees to attorneys who refer cases to us. We are happy to provide referring attorneys references on request.