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Burn Injuries, Fires And Explosions Cases

The lawyers at Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC have knowledge and experience with burn injuries resulting from many types of accidents. Critical to most of these types of cases, and the need for immediate consultation with an experienced burn attorney, is the loss or destruction of evidence.

We have the knowledge of how to respond quickly to any injury scene along with experienced experts knowledgeable in scene preservation, and cause and origin determinations.

Burn injuries are devastating injuries, and typically involve significant medical and hospital expenses. Fires and explosions, whether from propane, natural gas or other flammables, can cause catastrophic damage to entire families, and are emotionally devastating injuries. When a burn injury results from a fire or explosion, the cause can range from a negligent gas system, improper maintenance, violations of codes and regulations, a defective product, or faulty construction practices, among others. The improper handling and storage of flammables is another frequent source of negligence leading to major burn injuries. Article: Flammable Vapor Ignition Hazards

Scald injuries occur typically from defective plumbing or water systems, ranging from improper piping/sizing/temperature regulation, to the failure to use known, available and inexpensive anti-scald devices (thermostatic mixing valves, for example.)Article: Scald Injuries and Prevention

We know how to respond quickly to investigate and preserve the scene and evidence, and determine what happened and why, and hold the negligent parties responsible. We have handled burn or fire cases in many jurisdictions. We have handled major propane explosion cases, involving catastrophic burn injuries and death. We have handled fires at a college with safety code violations, to flammable vapor/flammable ignition cases against major manufacturers. We stay involved with our clients long after the legal claims are resolved because the harms and losses are typically ongoing and life-long. Healing can be a long process, and many of our clients have been willing and able to help other clients work through these difficulties.

If you or a loved one has suffered burn injuries, been injured in a fire, explosion or scalding, you may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, property loss, lost wages, and other losses. These accidents can involve many areas of law and provide multiple avenues of recovery–from Workers’ Compensation benefits, to insurance coverage, to a legal claim against one or more of the at-fault parties.

To get the compensation you need and deserve in cases in which fault can be established, it is important to be represented by a legal team with the experience, skill and dedication to vigorously investigate and pursue all avenues of what happened and why. Many times key evidence is lost, destroyed or ignored, and responsible parties are able to escape any responsibility for the harm caused. In almost every type of explosion and fire case, insurance companies are immediately notified and they have people on the scene first, oftentimes within hours, assessing the scene and talking to witnesses to avoid responsibility rather than accept responsibility. You need someone on the scene to similarly protect, preserve and pursue evidence of what happened and why.

Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC has relationships with qualified experts in many fields. The lawyers also have the individual knowledge of fires, fire cause and origin, National Fire Protection Association 921 Guide to Fire Investigations, and codes and standards to determine how, when and why someone was burned or killed.

If you or someone you love was seriously burned or injured in an explosion or fire, or scalded, or some other way, contact us for a free personal consultation to determine how best to investigate and preserve the scene and evidence, and protect your rights and legal claims.

We have been involved in cases involving multi-million dollar legal claims, settlements and verdicts, and many others. We are involved in burn injury prevention and accident prevention as well, so that these type of catastrophic injuries are prevented. Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC, its lawyers and staff, have and continue to support burn survivors, and to educate the public about safety, prevention and burn-related issues.

* These burn, fire, and explosion injury cases are chosen from many more, to illustrate some of the variety of the issues we have dealt with.

Verdicts & Settlements

16-Year Old Girl Suffered Burn Injuries: $6.6 Million Settlement After Over 1 Year Of Litigation

JANE DOE v GOVERNMENTAL ENTITY: 16-year old girl suffered burn injuries. Case required proofs for willful and wanton conduct, recklessness and gross negligence to overcome governmental immunity.

Michigan Law Weekly: Largest Verdicts

3 Students Burned In Chemistry Class Accident: $3.3 Million Settlement

ILLINOIS CASE: Three students were burned in an accident during Chemistry class.

2o-Year Old Single Man Suffered Burns: $2.238 Million Settlement Presuit For Non-Economic Damages Only

JOHN DOE v GOVERNMENTAL ENTITY: 20-year old single man suffered burns from fire in building. Proofs required evidence to overcome governmental immunity and arson causation by another person (sentenced to prison for starting fire).

Woman Burned In Fireball Caused By Propane Leak: $2 Million Settlement

JONES v PROPANE COMPANY: Burn injuries to a woman who went to do laundry in her home, which resulted in a fireball and collapse of part of the home with resulting burn injuries. A propane line leading from the propane tank under the gravel driveway (subject to shifting and movement) had developed a leak. A propane company had been testing the system and noticed that there were indications of a leak, but none could be found.

However, the system was not shut down. The propane followed the path of least resistance (along piping) and entered the home through the basement sump pump area. The gravel had removed the odorant so that the rotten egg smell was not present while the propane was entering the home–which then ignited from a spark from the dryer. There was limited insurance coverage given the injuries. There were issues over who was responsible for the leak and other defenses to navigate prior to a successful resolution.

Explosion In Rental Home: $5+ Million Resolution

NORTH CAROLINA EXPLOSION CASE: Burn injuries to a tenant at a rental unit with claims against multiple entities, ranging from landlord-tenant claims, to claims against a propane company and others. Resolved in part with confidential terms but with overall resolutions of claims of over $5 million. Preventable accident. Final resolution of issues in 2011.

7-Year Old Boy Suffered Burn Injuries: $4.5 Million Settlement During Litigation

JOHN DOE v ENTITY: Propane explosion.

3 Occupants Burned: $2.005 Million Settlement

HOWARD v MERLINO’S HIDDEN VALLEY ESTATES: Premises liability from propane leak and fire with burn injuries to three occupants. Limited insurance coverage.