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Brain Injury Cases

Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC handles many types of cases that involve a brain injury, also called a closed-head injury or a traumatic brain injury.

For example, such injuries can be sustained in a car crash, by a fall, from a lack of oxygen, or from exposure to toxic chemicals. Such injuries are frequently discounted by case managers or others retained by insurance carriers whose jobs are, at least in part, to limit claims and limit treatment. Loss of consciousness, “blacking out,” headaches, head and neck pain, dizziness, nausea, and memory loss are several of many symptoms that may indicate a need for further medical evaluation and diagnosis. Every brain injury should be taken seriously.

Traumatic brain injury victims and their families face difficult circumstances including longer-term problems in some cases. Therapy, retraining and coping mechanisms are some of the means by which a rehabilitation team helps those suffering from a head injury move forward.

Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC attorneys and staff have assisted individuals and families with brain injuries caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, car crashes, trucking crashes, boating accidents, toxic exposure, and explosions, among others. There are a wide variety of resources to help ranging from No-Fault (PIP) benefits, Workers’ Compensation benefits, third-party liability lawsuits against at-fault parties, to Social Security and disability claims.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Many times these brain injuries are called mild, but their effects are far from it. On top of it, the diagnosis is often missed by the emergency room, or by the family doctor. It is usually the victim or their friends and family that notice something isn’t quite right after the injury. Memory problems, headache and personality changes are quite common. It is very important that you get to a specialist right away. Furthermore, how you describe what happened to you in the accident is critical when the experts evaluate whether you have a brain injury.

We are recognized experts in representing people that have suffered brain injury from a variety of causes. We have represented more brain injury victims than anyone in the area, and many lawyers and medical providers refer those patients with brain injuries to us for help. We work with neuropsychologists, speech therapists, counselors and case managers who treat people with brain injuries. We also are members of, and have presented to, the Brain Injury Task Force. This is a group of health care providers and others that work with brain injury victims and their families.

Because we understand the causes and problems associated with brain injury and work closely with the doctors, we are better able to explain your injury to an insurance company, judge or a jury. Not surprisingly, this leads to better results for your case. We have gone to trial in many brain injury cases, with record setting results. This success has led insurance companies to be much more reasonable when negotiating a settlement with us.

Verdicts & Settlements

Defective Jet Ski Causes Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: $3.4 Million Verdict

The front hood of a Polaris jet ski flew off striking our client in the face, and causing fractures and a mild brain injury. Our client gamely tried to return to his normal life – operating a small trucking business – while undergoing extensive surgery and rehabilitation.

Although he earned as much as before, his costs increased because his brain injury left him less able and in need of help. We researched the product history with public agencies, and discovered there had been a recall for a defective component of the hood latch. After a $350,000 offer was rejected, the case proceeded to trial in Kalkaska County, and we obtained the largest recorded personal injury verdict in the region.

The presentation of demonstrative medical exhibits – and a careful explanation of future wage earning loss – proved important.

Bicyclist Struck From Behind Causing Brain Injury: $1.5+ Million Settlement During Trial

An experienced road cyclist was struck from behind by a commercial vehicle. He suffered significant brain and back injuries. The cyclist was obeying all rules. The truck driver was not initially ticketed.

After we became involved, a ticket was eventually issued for careless driving. We worked closely with the treating doctors to understand and explain the significance of the brain and back injuries. Our insurance expertise was critical to success in this case.

We managed to obtain insurance settlements from the truck insurer, and the errors and omissions policy of the insurance agency that had allowed the company’s liability policy to lapse. In addition to the settlement, all wage loss and medical benefits have been paid. After several days of trial, a settlement was reached with all of the insurance carriers.

Painter On Jobsite Falls Causing Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: $425,000 Settlement

A painter was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury when a board that had been improperly nailed to a house gave way. While he was hospitalized, he improved significantly.

The insurance company argued that his injuries had completely healed, but his family knew better. We were able to show that he still had many subtle problems that impacted his family and him tremendously.

Drunk Driver Causes Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: $475,000 Settlement

A drunk driver ran a red light and broad-sided the car of a young girl driving home causing her to suffer a mild brain injury. The key to obtaining such a favorable settlement was working with her doctors to understand the impact this mild brain injury and soft tissue damage to her back had on her life.

Also, through good legal work, the judge ruled that we could bring up the fact that the driver was drunk, something usually not allowed in Michigan.


* These brain injury cases are chosen from many more, to illustrate some of the variety of the issues we have dealt with.