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We enjoy recreational activities because they help us relax. Everyone likes something different, but there are plenty of options to explore. Biking, boating, and snowmobiling are among those options.  While these activities are fun and offer a healthy way to reduce stress and anxiety, they can also be dangerous. If you’ve been injured in an accident while performing one of these activities, contact our firm today.

Bicycle & Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

Injuries caused while someone is riding a bicycle or a motorcycle can involve similar issues to car crash cases or trucking crash cases but also raise additional issues. Injuries can be compensable from several sources, including no-fault benefits (if a motor vehicle is involved and/or if certain types of insurance are maintained by the motorcycle driver/owner.)

Boating And Snowmobiling Accident Attorneys

At Ringsmuth Wuori PLLC, we continue to represent people who have been injured due to the negligent operation of boats or other motor crafts and snowmobiles. Liability can be imposed upon the owner and operator of these vehicles in a similar manner to legal claims brought against the driver and an owner of a motor vehicle who causes a crash.

There are statutory laws that exist that help establish the rules and regulations regarding the ownership and operation of boats and snowmobiles. When those laws are violated, the responsible party should have to face consequences.

Results You Can See

Bicyclist Struck From Behind Causing Brain Injury: $1.25 Million Settlement During Trial

An experienced road cyclist was struck from behind by a commercial vehicle. He suffered significant brain and back injuries. The cyclist was obeying all rules. The truck driver was not initially ticketed.

After we became involved, a ticket was eventually issued for careless driving. We worked closely with the treating doctors to understand and explain the significance of the brain and back injuries. Our insurance expertise was critical to success in this case.

We managed to obtain insurance settlements from the truck insurer, and the errors and omissions policy of the insurance agency that had allowed the company’s liability policy to lapse. In addition to the settlement, all wage loss and medical benefits have been paid. After several days of trial, a settlement was reached with all of the insurance carriers.

Defective Personal Watercraft: $3.4 Million Verdict

The front hood of a Polaris jet ski flew off striking our client in the face, and causing fractures and a mild brain injury. Our client gamely tried to return to his normal life – operating a small trucking business – while undergoing extensive surgery and rehabilitation.

Although he earned as much as before, his costs increased because his brain injury left him less able and in need of help. We researched the product history with public agencies, and discovered there had been a recall for a defective component of the hood latch.

After a $350,000 offer was rejected, the case proceeded to trial in Kalkaska County, and we obtained the largest recorded personal injury verdict in the region. The presentation of demonstrative medical exhibits – and a careful explanation of future wage earning loss – proved important.

*These cases were chosen from many others to help illustrate the variety of cases we have experience with.