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Ringsmuth Wuori

Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorneys | Traverse City, Michigan

Ringsmuth Wuori

We are a personal injury law firm in Traverse City, Michigan.  We sue negligent corporations, government agencies and insurance companies.   The goal of personal injury law is to make our community safer by deterring carelessness that hurts people. 

Our law firm is aggressive, and we go to trial more than most other law firms, which makes insurance companies respect us more.

We have decades of experience helping those wrongfully harmed.  Our legal clients know we care, and our relationships continue on even after the case ends.   Based in Traverse City, Michigan, we have clients across the state and throughout the country.    Contact us if your are looking for personal injury attorneys that get results.

Nationally Recognized Personal Injury Attorneys

As personal injury lawyers, we handle cases all over the country but our home – and our heart – is right here in Traverse City, Michigan.

We have won dozens of multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for people who have been seriously injured, wrongfully fired or taken advantage of by negligent corporations.

We are aggressive and unlike other law firms, we are unafraid to take our cases to trial, a fact that makes insurance companies respect us. They know they’ll be held accountable by a jury if they’re unwilling to reach a reasonable settlement.

What We Do Better

Our law firm represents individuals who have been seriously injured or wrongfully fired. Our clients know we care, and our relationships carry on even after the case is over. In fact, we still get cards and notes from our former clients letting us know how they are doing, and just to stay in touch. This is something that we are proud of, and speaks volumes for the relationships we build when handling your case.

Our Legal Victories

As lawyers, we get results for our clients. The personal injusry verdicts and settlements we list on our site are some samples of cases in which we have been involved in and shows the variety of work we do and the types of results we have achieved.  Click the button below to read about some of the victories we’ve brought our clients.

Legal Pricing & Costs

We get paid when you win your case. When you are seriously injured, you may not be able to pay costs in advance. We have the resources to advance the money needed to cover the costs for investigating and evaluating your case.

The usual expenses on a case include the costs of obtaining medical records, sworn statements from witnesses and doctors, investigation, and experts, if appropriate. We pay these costs up front.  Learn more about our pricing and costs.

Send Us A Message

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is not an everyday experience. You probably thought you would never need one, and you need to develop trust in the people who are helping you through this difficult time. 

From your first free consultation, you’ll find that every member of our firm cares about you. We will listen to you, and we will explain the law clearly while setting out your options. Our clients know we care, and our relationships continue on even after the case ends. 

New clients often say, “I never thought I would need a lawyer.” At our first meeting, we will listen to you. We will explain your legal rights so you understand them, and analyze your chances of success. There is no charge for this meeting and advice.

Contact us today to set up your free consultation.