The Centers for Disease Control have continued to report on epidemic levels of flu throughout the country. 
There also has been recent news articles about the pros and cons of vaccines and their effectiveness and risks. 
About 80 percent of disease is transmitted through touch and routine, but proper hand-washing can be one of the simplest practices to follow.  
In the event that someone does become ill and have a complication from a vaccine, there is a legal remedy that Congress created years ago called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It is a Fund that was established under the federal legislation and is funded by a small percentage/tax that allows for those injured by a vaccine to seek compensation for any such injury or death. It is a federal law claim where you can hire an attorney and seek to present your claims that you or a loved one was injured by the vaccine. The case/claim has to be filed in federal court and in the Federal Court of Claims, where your attorney will have to be admitted to practice. The cases are heard before a Special Master and evidence can be presented, along with attorney arguments, to establish the causation link between the vaccine and the injury. There are essentially three different types of claims that can be presented and require medical proofs (and which can include aggravation of a pre-existing condition by the vaccine). The court is based in Washington D.C., but it allows for video-conferencing (testimony and argument).
This legal remedy is not well-known but it’s existence will be beneficial for those small percentages of the population who do suffer health problems from a vaccine. There is a wide variety of research and discussion about vaccines ( but many people are unaware of a legal remedy because of a complication, which the government established as part of a comprehensive law to provide an adequate supply of vaccines, control costs, and provide a legal framework by which those injured by vaccines can seek assistance upon appropriate proof of causation.  

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