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We represent individuals who have been seriously injured or wrongfully fired. Our clients know we care, and our relationships carry on even after the case is over. In fact, we still get cards and notes from our former clients letting us know how they are doing, and just to stay in touch. We are proud of this, and believe it speaks volumes about the relationships we build when handling your case.

We sue negligent individuals and corporations, governmental agencies, and insurance companies. We are aggressive, and go to trial more than most other law firms, because fair compensation is rarely offered by the wrongdoer or their insurance company.

The fact that Blake and Tom go to trial makes insurance companies respect us, and know it will be held accountable in front of a jury if they are not reasonable. This in turn leads to larger settlements to avoid trial.

You should ask any attorney you interview for your case how many trials they have had in the last 3 years.

Ultimately, you need to develop trust in the people who are helping you through what may likely be the most difficult time in your life. It will become clear to you from the beginning that every member of our firm cares about you. We will show how we can best serve your interests in your time of need. At our first meeting, we will listen to you, and will explain the law clearly while setting out your options. There is no charge for this meeting and advice.

Hiring a trial attorney is not an everyday experience. Our clients all state they never thought they would need one, and worry about the process. The unfortunate fact is that we live in a society where people don’t always take the time to act safely. This is why individuals and companies purchase insurance – to fairly compensate those who have been harmed through accident or negligence. A civil lawsuit is not to punish. It is to compensate someone for the harm they were done. Insurance coverage provides the defendant with an attorney, and settlement money up to the limits of the policy. An individual defendant in a lawsuit rarely pays any money for defense or settlement.

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