Arizona Crash Shows Dangers of Distracted Driving

Even though RingsmuthWuori throughout the years have handled cases throughout Michigan, we have also handled cases in many states, from Colorado, to North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, and most recently Phoenix, Arizona.   A vibrant and healthy woman was going to work in Phoenix. While turning on a green light, another car driving about 50 mph ran a red light and crashed into her:


The client lost consciousness and the forces of the crash caused the seat belt to impact her body such that she had internal injuries. She didn’t know what had happened and the driver who hit her said that she had the green light and that the car she hit was turning on a red light.

We were contacted in Michigan to see if we could help even though we were located in Michigan. We encouraged her to make sure she saw and followed up with her doctors to make sure all of her injuries were addressed and so that she could get the appropriate care and treatment to try to heal, recover, and get back to what she loved doing (she did Zumba daily, was in incredible shape, worked as a nursing assistant full-toile, and was married to a very supportive husband). We agreed to help investigate and pursue any legal claims that we determined she had.

As a result of our investigation and contacting witnesses and reports, we were able to show that other independent witnesses saw what really happened and who ran the red light and violated one of the main safety rules that protect all of us on the roads–no matter where we drive throughout this country. You have to pay attention at all times and don’t get distracted by cell phones, texts, eating, and so on. Millions of crashes occur every year in the U.S. because of distracted driving. The U.S. Department of Transportation reminds us all why community safety rules have to be enforced and protected by us all—police, judges, and juries—when looking at a text in a car while driving your car may have travelled the length of a football field. That is only at about 55mph. Many highways have speed limits at 70 mph and normal traffic drives at speeds above 70 mph–you would cover more than a football field in those 4-5 seconds, including time to perceive and react.

She did not suffer any broken bones and her internal injuries needed some initial surgical intervention but overall she was very fortunate for what could have been a deadly result or catastrophic injuries.

Over the course of about a year, our client and her husband worked hard to go through the necessary medical treatments and therapies to get back as much as she could. Her treating doctor believed that she was at about 90 to 95% of her recovery because she worked so hard at it but that she would still have some ongoing difficulties. She is back to Zumba and can now look for new employment.  

Our representation in Arizona resulted in a $640,000.00 settlement. Our client wanted to express her thanks to our entire team, and we wanted to celebrate all of their hard work to get back as much as they could from this preventable crash, so they were in Michigan over the holidays and stopped by to see us all:




“Another satisfied customer with your amazing and talented team. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.”


Our client also wanted us to emphasize again–don’t be a safety rule violator. Drive safe at all times. Protect everyone in your community and prevent crashes from happening in the future. She experienced first hand how your life can be upended in a flash–and she was fortunate to have been able to recovery very well over the course of a year compared to many, many others.

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